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We accept international students (Study Permit) and help students gain admissions for the university/college of their choices. Goal-oriented applicants can submit all required documents till the end of May 2018, and we can enroll them in Sep 2018 credit programs; however, our upcoming enrollment is in January 2019. Further, we thank you for your compliment and fruitful messages that you forwarded to our school website. It gives us great pleasure to introduce our successful applicants in the IELTS / TOEFL / CELPIP/ YELT/ CAEL/ CANTEST/ MELAB Exams in 2017. Your meaningful messages give us an added incentive to fulfill our potential. All IELTS / TOEFL / CELPIP / YELT / CANTEST / CAEL/ MELAB Preparation courses were a spiritual journey from despair to happiness. We are happy to announce that more than 1300 dentists, medical doctors, pharmacists, nurses, engineers and high school students passed the IELTS/ TOEFL/ CANTest / CAEL exams with us and down the road achieved their goals. We hope you smell a "land of roses" rather than a "bunch of roses". More simply to put, we are proud of you and your success is our success. Our new IELTS / TOEFL / CELPIP / ESL group classes will start on June 04, July 02 and August 01, 2018. We also offer IELTS / CELPIP classes which are being run by well-experienced and highly qualified instructors weekly, bi-weekly and monthly in June and July 2018. You can join us and achieve the IELTS band that you require with ease. Please write down the Diagnostic Assessment in order to expedite the procedure. For obtaining further information, please call us at 647-348-3530. We hope you "climb up the ladder of success" in your academic career.

Hamid / Mahmoud Ghalehnoii (IELTS/TOEFL/CELPIP/YELT/CANTEST/CAEL/MELAB instructors)



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We will inform you of the upcoming events in summer 2018. TNA Team.




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Welcome to the second semester in 2018 credit programs. We will run summer credit programs in July and August 2018 (one credit in July & another credit in August). We always motivate students to push back the frontiers of science. For new applicants, please fill out Credit Registration Form (Home Page / Apply) and we will inform you of all available schedules. As an added consideration, we will run university preparation courses by subject codes (U of T/ Ryerson/York) after finishing grade12 credit courses in different academic periods. For obtaining further information, please call us at 647-348-3530.

Toronto Nobel Academy

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